Innovative Initiatives International Information Technology Inc. is a Canadian company dedicated to bring innovations alive.

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International Information Technology Inc. (IIT) is an incorporated Canadian identity with head offices in Mississauga, Ontario. The company is engaged in development and marketing of Information Technology Solutions The company has launching various exciting new ideas for last few years; wide variety of successful innovations including V Bargain, Virtual Get Together, Evalu and Qalam; there products have been design, developed, launched an dare being marketed now. IIT’s vision is to become a leader in introducing successful innovative Information Technology solutions and services.

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1) VBargain

VBargain is an innovative solution for today’s needs of E-Commerce world. Vbargain plug-in allows any e-commerce storefront to offers either party (buyer or seller) the option to bargain virtually.

Using the power of internet and Artificial Intelligence technologies, the merchandisers now have the opportunity to manage and increase their sales in a much convenient manner. Not only bargaining has been a classical tradition of the market, but it also makes sure the increased number of sales. Without bargaining option, sellers are unable to sell to the buyers who might be very interested in a product but the listed price is out of their budget.

Vbargian provides options to buyers to negotiate price while it gives the option to seller to close more sales that was not possible before Vbargian. People often miss out good products based on the gap between the listed price of the product and their budget, leading to a loss for both: the seller and the buyer as well.

VBargain encompasses the following choices:

  • Traditional Bargaining
  • Smart Bargaining
  • Artificial Intelligence based Bargaining

2) Evalu

Evalu is a comprehensive Evaluation system and smart phone App that provides a platform for creating, deploying and collecting online feedback for any training or conference sessions. Evalu displays feedback results dynamically during or after the session allowing interaction with participants.

Businesses are competing for repeat and loyal customers; Evalu App helps gather Feedbacks, Reviews and Rating using smartphones. Evalu helps you Understand and Delight Customers.

Evalu gathers users or participants’ response reflecting their likes and dislikes for the services received, Simple Hassle Fee real time Evaluation on the spot. Value of Evalu

  • Evaluation results can be instantaneously displayed on a screen during a training session or any event or posted on the social media, client website.
  • For Events/ Conferences/ Training sessions:
    • Customized evaluations can be accessed and completed by participants using QR code on any smart phone
    • Attendees can Evaluate events, conference and training sessions in minutes.
    • Evalu is a clicker; training and conference session presenters can ask interactive questions and display the attendees responses spontaneously on the presentation screen during the session.

Evalu generates real time reports through fast and interactive BI tools to help you analyses the responses of your target audience.


3) Virtual Get To Gather

We are living in a global village; the need to interact with anyone anywhere on-demand is increasing, technology is bridging distances; Virtual Get-To-Gather (VGTG) offers a platform for all sorts of (virtual) gatherings; there is great opportunity to provide celebrities, artists and literary figures to meet with their fans globally, in groups or individually on-demand.

We are imagining a time when anyone can invite any Writers, Poets, Artists or Celebrity to their living room for an evening with their friends for a live interaction without the hassle of traveling.

VGTG connects the global audience with performers who can operate form their homes and audience can attend form their home. VGTG is solution to organize paid concerts and other social and literary events.

VGTG seeks to diminish physical distances by being the gateway created to become “the-place-to-go” for our current and future generations to get exposed to our culture, literature and music.

  • VGTG is a fusion of our past and the latest technology which will connect artists, celebrities, literary figures, writers and poets to meet with their fans while they are many thousands of miles apart.
  • VGTG makes it possible for anyone to attend any performance, literary or cultural events globally from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Met with Anyone Anywhere on Demand – your favorite Celebrity, Artist, Poets.
  • Virtual Events to Bridge the Social Distancing Gap – hold public events.
  • Arrange a Concert or a Program with your favorite artist – as a group or for public.
  • Organize a group Virtual Get-together for your friends at your home.

The website has been created to hold virtual entertainment events watched by anyone globally; artists, poets, musicians, or celebrities can meet with their fans; wherever they live they can hold their own virtual entertainment event for their fans; they can load their profile on online today to provide a chance to your fans to meet with you.

VGTG allows:

  • Anyone to request on-demand program with any performer or celebrity.
    • VGTG will provide the service of arranging on-demand program.
  • VGTG provides facility of collecting on-line payment for event tickets.
  • Real time event steaming.
  • Performers to monetize their events.
  • Front-row attendees to interact with performers during the show.
  • General audience in large number to watch the live-stream.
  • Recording of the events for future on-demand presentation.
  • Worldwide window to your event.


4) Qalam

Qalam is designed to facilitate writing, saving and sharing messages spoken on any smart phone. Qalam is particularly useful for languages where letters of any given word are joined to one another in a continuous flowing line like in Arabic, Farsi and Urdu.

There is no need to use any specific key board when speaking messages using Qalam, messages can be saved or shared using the common message sharing tools like iMessage, WhatsApp, Skype, email etc.

Spoken messages can be edited by selecting all or part of message; the erase option provides for either erasing the whole page or a part of written message.

There are currently over 1700 users of Qalam Globally.

Qalam is fast, simple and secure app that will type messages spoken in Urdu.

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5) Humara Adab

We are delighted that the concepts we conceived years back has now become a reality.

Our vision is to provide a platform for our current and future generations where every aspect of our great heritage and culture is preserved. Our goal is to assist our new generation who have not been introduced to our language and culture become familiar with and get inspired by some of the greatest poets, writers, signers, composers and actors our society has produced.

It is our hope that will become a central point of interaction between anyone who is interested in our culture and rich treasures hidden in our literature for many centuries. is a fusion of our past and the latest technology which will connect our literary figures Writers and Poets, Artists and Celebrities with those who are interested to meet with them or allow those who can teach our languages with those who wish to learn our languages, while they are many thousands of miles apart. will also make it possible for anyone to attend literary or cultural events globally from the comfort of their own homes.

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Upcoming Innovations

Virtual Software Development Services will offer a market place for resources and people or organization who are looking for resources, this site will provide rated resources to clients, and this site will also offer a firm IT Project Management platform with built-in artificial intelligence.