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Qalam is designed to facilitate writing, saving and sharing messages written by hand (index figure) or Stylus on a smart phone or touch screen laptop screen. The writings can be in cursive or non-cursive styles. Qalam is particularly useful for languages where letters of any given word are joined to one another in a continuous flowing line like in Arabic, Farsi and Urdu.

There is no need to use any specific key board when writing messages using Qalam, this means the hand written messages are language independent i.e. messages can be written in any language in the world and shared using the common message sharing tools like iMessage, WhatsApp etc.

The messages in Qalam are written on a slate with lines in the background to help writing in straight line, up to 10 pages of messages can we written in one message, once written, the messages can be viewed by scrolling by up and down arrow.

The iPhone version of Qalam allows for an enlarging option where the writing cursor is enlarged as one is writing.

Written messages can be edited by selecting all or part of message; the erase option provides for either erasing the whole page or a part of written message, when erasing parts of a message is desired a selection grid is displayed (this can also be done by holding the figure on the screen), the writer can select part of the message and erase the selected part of the message.

The user is given options to select the thickness and color of written messages, the messages can be stored with a title for future retrieval and use.

Upcoming innovations

Evaluation app that will provide a platform for evaluating training and conference sessions using iPhone or smart phone including dynamic results display with clicker option.

This site provides Urdu learning opportunities for expatriate younger generations living abroad and also provide the opportunity for holding virtual celebratory functions.

Virtual Software Development Services will offer a market place for resources and people or organization who are looking for resources, this site will provide rated resources to clients, and this site will also offer a firm IT Project Management platform with built-in artificial intelligence.

This site provides the opportunity for families to virtually participate in festivals and Weddings via e-invites from anywhere in the world.

Arabic, Farsi and Urdu are spoken and written in a very large segment of world population (Approx. 500 million users). Currently all writing apps available for these languages use the conventional key board which is very difficult and tedious to write, mostly people exchange messages on their smart phone written in Latin English making up words from this language; like “Kia Hall Hai” etc. will allow writing messages on the phone screen using index figure in free format, it is already very common to move around phone screen using the index figure this will be an extension to Qalam with built in character and voice recognition.

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